Massage & Wellness Staff

Tasha Mashni
Massage and wellness therapy has always come naturally to Tasha Larae Mashni, LMT. Raised by two parents who ran and still maintain their own business 22 years later, she received her massage certification from the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts in 2009. She received her certification in the following treatments: Swedish deep tissue, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, pregnancy massage, sports massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy, resistant stretching and relaxation. Tasha has since received additional certification in Indian head massage as well as lower back massage.
Cathleen Guldan
Cathleen has been practicing reflexology and kinesiology for the past ten years. She trained in Connecticut and was certified through the International Institute of Reflexology and the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association (TFH). Before moving back to her Midwestern roots, Cathleen maintained a practice in Connecticut serving clients, working company health fairs and giving lectures to local groups.

She has worked with many athletes, including marathon runners, triathletes and soccer players ranging from high school age to adult. She has worked with children managing different types of problems, including allergies and emotional concerns. She has also helped clients with varied concerns including arthritis, thyroid problems, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee pain, carpal tunnel, numbness and plantar fasciitis. She has also served clients seeking overall relaxation. Cathleen often combines the techniques of reflexology and TFH to meet the unique needs of each individual.