Sports Performance Training Program

Our Sports Performance Training Program, unique to the Southwest Michigan area, gives student athletes of all levels the tools they need to elevate their game. Led by RAC Master Trainer Jason Raynor, a Chicago-based fitness and nutrition coach and former NFL strength coach for the Washington Redskins, our program offers top-level training through the same methods used by the pros.

With a focus on proper preparation, nutrition, movement and recovery methods, athletes can gain the competitive edge in their chosen sport.

How we build TOTAL athletes:

Performance Training

The exercises and methods used in our program work together to help a student-athlete’s body become: 

  • Mobile and agile
  • Stable and strong
  • Efficient in movement and performance

We show players how to fuel their bodies for optimal results and give them the building blocks of better nutrition.

Mental Toughness
We help players mentally prepare for a high-performance setting. Our student athletes finish out this intense program knowing: 

  • How to work hard
  • How to get measurable results
  • How to have fun while doing both

Through specialized recovery techniques, we help student-athletes understand the importance of proper recovery so they can better prevent injuries and downtime. 

For more information, including schedules and pricing for our spring and summer sessions, please call 269-927-1129 or email