Coach Daugherty has been vital in my preparation to play college softball. When I received my summer training packet before I went to college as a freshman last fall, I was really overwhelmed. There were a lot of things on that list that I was not accustomed to or had even heard of. The first (and ONLY) person that popped into mind to ask for help was Coach Daugherty. She set up times to work with me throughout the summer to go through every item on the list whether, it be the long list of stretches and warm-up procedures, the conditioning portion or the weight lifting. Once we got the technique down, we would work on bettering my form, adding more weights, or upping my rep count. When I started training at school, I found that I was much more prepared for the intense training we had to do than my freshman counterparts, and even some of the returning players. Being well-trained and prepared helped me earn a starting spot at first base for the season. Without Coach Daugherty, I would not have been as equipped or in shape as I was when I left for school after training with her.

The training a RAC was much more intense than I have ever experienced. Before I started working out at RAC I was doing the basic workouts such as bench press and very few squats. The lifts and workouts I was put through were specific to my sport (baseball) not just lifts to increase size, but lifts to strengthen myself functionally.

I was seeing some results from the lifts I did but I never gained the weight that I wanted, I came in weighing 219.5 pounds. Dylan showed me many different lifts that helped me jump up to 242 pounds. This added strength helped me on the mound, during my high school season I was sitting 90-91. In the summer, after 8 months of training, I was touching 94.

I graduated and played ball at Lakeshore High School in Stevensville. I was primarily a pitcher but I also played a little first base. Now, I am a pitcher for Northern Illinois.