Personal Training, Personal Best

Choosing a trainer at Renaissance Athletic Club means choosing a fitness mentor, coach, motivator and friend. What sets us apart is a customized, personal approach that is motivating, not intimidating. All of our trainers have current certifications and continue to keep up with their fitness education. This ensures an intimate knowledge of proven techniques and the latest innovations in the field of personal training, so they can help you meet your fitness goals in a safe and sustainable way. Experience the benefit of working with a trainer whose professional success is measured by your personal success!

What to expect:

  • You will first meet with our fitness manager to discuss your goals and expectations
  • Next, you’ll select a trainer based on the recommendations of our fitness manager
  • You and your trainer will meet to outline a plan that can include nutrition, cardio and strength training
  • And finally, set a schedule that works for you as you begin your journey to reach your personal best