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Yoga is an ancient discipline designed to achieve harmony between mind, body and spirit. While yoga has been around for some two thousand years, the practice has become a pillar of modern exercise. The benefits are numerous: it can help build muscle, increase flexibility and sense of balance, as well as strengthen the core and stimulate muscle memory. But the real value for many practitioners is the sense of inner peace and balance that may be achieved through sustained practice.
Whether you’re new to yoga or a longtime enthusiast, our eclectic schedule has something for everybody, regardless of skill level. Here at RAC, we are excited to offer a program that embodies the diversity of yoga styles. We believe that our team of yoga instructors is the best in the region. Combining years of experience and passion, our instructors are thrilled to be a part of the RAC yoga program, but more importantly, they are thrilled to help you attain your goals—both on and off the mat.