Focus on Endurance and Muscle

Cardio is raw exercise, vital to any routine. Add strength-training principles that utilize both weight-room and bodyweight exercises and you've got one heck of a workout session.

Best Butt Ever

Not just for the ladies! This class is focused on the lower body to strengthen, tone, and lift your glutes.

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DB Endurance

Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to get your heart rate up! This class will include circuits of dumbbell strength and cardio exercises to pump you up. This class is recommended for those who are not new to exercise.

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Strength training with dumbbells! This class is a 45 minute hour of power using dumbbells and barbells. Every muscle group will be utilized for an overall strength training workout!

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HIIT Strength

Join us after your work day for a class that's going to help you increase your strength and build your cardio endurance. Classic HIIT includes high intensity intervals with short breaks, in this class you will get your heart rate up for an efficient calorie burn while focusing on improving your form and technique.

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Low Impact Strength

This class is perfect for the active aging. Light to medium weights will be used to improve strength and balance and increase core strength to perform daily living activities at your best!

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