Focus on Endurance and Muscle

Cardio is raw exercise, vital to any routine. Add strength-training principles that utilize both weight-room and bodyweight exercises and you've got one heck of a workout session.

Body Weight HIIT

This is not your traditional high intensity interval training, the only equipment you have is yourself! You will work through 2-3 rounds of exercises and increase the intensity level with each new round. Be prepared for mountain climbers, squats, push-ups, burpees, jumping, and more.

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Boot Camp

Fall in, highly-motivated fitness junkies. We welcome all levels to enlist in serious butt kicking, calorie-scorching boot camp. Be ready for high-intensity exercises that are sure to take your fitness regimen to the next level.

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Group Power

Time to get motivated powering through a 60-minute barbell program with your fellow RAC members! We invite workout enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels to strengthen major muscles with squats, lunges, presses and curls, pumping iron while we pump out awesome tunes.

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Step up to the challenge of High-Intensity Interval Training, designed to work your muscles and your heart rate. Get your maximum calorie burn in one hour of both strength and cardio exercises.

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Total Body Conditioning

When we say total, we mean it. Work your upper body, lower body, core, strength and flexibility—all in one class. Don't be surprised if this one puts you in the best shape ever.

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