Focus on Endurance and Muscle

Cardio is raw exercise, vital to any routine. Add strength-training principles that utilize both weight-room and bodyweight exercises and you've got one heck of a workout session.

Best Butt Ever

This class is lower body focused incorporating squats, lunges, plyometrics and resistance bands - helping you achieve your BEST butt EVER! This class is high impact and best suited for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

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Cardio Sculpt

An equal ratio of strength to cardio exercises to build muscle and strengthen your endurance. This class will get your heart rate up and may include high impact exercises- recommended for intermediate fitness levels.

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HIIT Strength

Join us for a class that's going to help you increase your strength and build your cardio endurance. Classic HIIT includes high intensity intervals with short breaks, in this class you will get your heart rate up for an efficient calorie burn while focusing on improving your form and technique.

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Lunch Shred

Spend your lunch break with us! This 45-minute class will get your body moving while giving your mind a break. You can expect a blend of strength and cardio for an efficient, fun, and motivating workout! *This class will take place on the turf field, weather permitting*

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Pumped up Strength™

Power through this 60 minute high-paced strength building class set to music. Using barbells, free weights, bands, etc. your strength and endurance will be tested and pushed!

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