Station-to-Station Movement

Bounce from one exercise to the next as you work multiple ways to strengthen muscles, tone and condition, all in one workout comprised of multiple stations.

HIIT Circuit

High Intensity Interval Circuit training. Challenge your body with multiple exercises using multiple muscle groups with high intensity bursts of work and short recovery breaks.

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L.I.F.T. Cardio

Using the concept of Low Impact Fitness Training with aerobic cardio. Keep your heart healthy with low impact cardiovascular movement!

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Lunch Shred 360

Get shredded during your lunch break with a 45-minute full body circuit. Break a sweat, burn some calories, then get back to the grind.

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Not your traditional HIIT workout, this 45 minute class will change up every week so you’re always getting a fun new workout to kick off your weekend. Get your heart pumping to high energy music beats and energetic exercises that will motivate you through the rest of your day!

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