Strong Core. Strong Foundation.

Deep calorie burns. Deeper internal strengthening. Propel your flexibility, agility and endurance to new levels with classes that concentrate on deepening your core strength.

Abs and Assets

Strengthen and tone everything below the shoulders! This class will focus on core strength, glute strength, and leg strength. If you want to tone your favorite assets, this class is for you!

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Barre Burn

This class uses light weights, a ballet barre, and center floor ballet exercises. Come see how dancers achieve those lean sculpted bodies.

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Barre Burn 90°

Barre class on fire! Classical ballet barre work and fitness meet to create a class to challenge your body in a whole new way. Using light weight, the barre, and PLENTY of pliés, you will be sure to walkout feeling some brand-new muscles. Room temperature may reach up to 90° to help your muscles work to their max capacity.

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Cardio Barre

Raise the bar by adding a dose of cardio to your barre workout! Muscular endurance building exercises combines with some heart rate elevating work to give you a great lunch time work out

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Core Cardio

This is a 45 min class featuring cardio intervals and core exercises. If you are looking for a great cardio workout that will help you achieve a firmer and stronger mid-section, this is a great class to add to your workout routine!!

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Core Express

Do you love the core training element of Pilate’s? Need to strengthen your abdominal muscle and improve your body alignment? Join Karen for 45 minutes of core and flexibility training. This is the perfect class for anyone that spends their day sitting at a desk!

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