Station-to-Station Movement

Bounce from one exercise to the next as you work multiple ways to strengthen muscles, tone and condition, all in one workout comprised of multiple stations.

Friday HIIT Circuits

High Intensity Interval Training Circuit- This high intensity circuit class will get your heart rate up and challenge every muscle group. (Recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts looking for a high impact workout)
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HIIT Monster circuits

This class has HIIT intervals paired with circuit training to ensure a total body experience with an awesome calorie burn!
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HIIT Short Circuits

The only thing short in this class are the breaks. Come blow off the workday steam with 3 rounds of 5 circuits covering all the major muscle groups. Then enjoy a halftime break with 5 minutes of continuous total body conditioning to spike that heart rate. Not done yet, 3 more rounds of 5 different circuits. This class will close with a cool down and static stretch to end your day.
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L.I.F.T. 360

This class is perfect for the active aging. Travel around the Synergy completing various stations to get a total body work out!
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