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Our focus is your comfort, your motivation and building your success from the ground up. It's all about trust and our personal training staff works hard to ensure you feel challenged without feeling intimidated. We're certified and stay up-to-date on fitness education, to help meet your fitness goals in the safest, most sustainable way possible. When you work with a trainer at RAC, you're with a mentor, a coach and a friend.

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Types of Training

One-on-One Training

Test your might with individualized training, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Get all the attention and focus you deserve with a personal training that places you at the very center of each workout.

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Buddy training

Boost the encouragement, support and results by working with one of our trainers, plus one of your closest friends or family members. Achieve maximum results for yourself, all while helping a buddy reach their goals.

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Small group training

Sharing is caring. Link up with a small group for training that feels as personal as one-on-one training. Split the costs and share in the results with co-workers, friends or family members.

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The first step to getting there is taking the first step


Meet with our fitness manager to discuss your goals and expectations


Select a trainer based
 on the recommendations
 of our fitness manager


Work with your trainer to outline a plan that can include nutrition, cardio and strength training


Set a schedule that works for you as you begin
 your journey to reach your personal best

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