Sports Performance Training


Our Sports Performance Training Program differs from run-of-the-mill personal training—significantly. The bar is raised to match the sport you’re competing in and level of competition you strive to be at. We sweat the small stuff, getting into the details movement patterns, body control, reactiveness, nutrition and recovery methods. It’s all designed around you, your position in the game and your long term goals. We don’t just train you to compete—we strive to help you win and perform at the highest level possible.

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Become a Well-Rounded Athlete

Performance Training

The exercises and methods used in our program work together to help a student athlete’s body become:

  • Mobile and agile

  • Stable and strong

  • Efficient in movement and performance

Mental Toughness

We help players mentally prepare for a high-performance setting. Our student athletes finish out this intense program knowing:

  • How to work hard

  • How to get measurable results

  • How to have fun while doing both


We show athletes how to properly fuel their bodies for optimal results.


Prevent injuries by learning our specialized recovery techniques.

RX Physical Therapy

RX Physical Therapy aims to optimize movement and reduce pain. Whether you’re an athlete recovering from injury or a seasoned fitness veteran, PT helps enable all to live more active, fulfilling lives. Contact RX Physical Therapy at 269.769.6108.

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