Core Concentration

Strong Core. Strong Foundation.

Deep calorie burns. Deeper internal strengthening. Propel your flexibility, agility and endurance to new levels with classes that concentrate on deepening your core strength.

Core4 Yoga

Core4 Yoga is core intensified through the medium of Yoga. Through focused movements in flow, floor, balance and breath, students will build both core and total body strength using the principles of yoga. Students can expect a class with a relentless focus on core in every aspect of the practice. Suitable for all levels, Core4 Yoga offers the opportunity for students to establish their individual base and build strength as they adapt and grow through regular practice. This class will incorporate elements of Pilates and Barre as well as the (optional) use of unconventional props and light hand weights. Modifications offered and welcomed!
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HOT Barre

Ballet Barre meets Fitness in this lower body focused class designed to improve balance, core strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility in a heated room.
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TOTAL Body Barre

Classical ballet barre work and fitness meet to create a class to challenge your TOTAL body in a whole new way. Using light weights and the barre, you will be sure to walkout feeling some brand-new muscles.
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